Zoo Labs is a music accelerator that invests in and explores the intersection of creativity, craft, and commercial viability. Through our Zoo Labs Music Residency, a 12-day intensive combining design and strategy workshops with the creation of new work in our state-of-the-art recording studios, we equip our residents to be the next game changers of the music industry. Our mentors guide, teach and motivate our residents to reach new heights, go to unexpected places, challenge conventional wisdom, and move past the ordinary to the exceptional. Our studio is a playground designed for exploration and expansion. 

We work with teams of two or more, ranging from emerging to iconic artists. Explore our alumni page to learn more, and apply to be a part of our community. 



The more we learned about ourselves and started thinking about what we’re trying to do with it, the better the vision became in our heads and it was easier to bring that out. - James Dedakis, WAGES
We’re braver, smarter creators thanks to the Zoo Labs experience. We learned how to listen with sharper ears and are hungrier than ever, but our toolbox is much fuller now. - Mary Bragg
This place is an unbelievable nest of support and creativity and smarts. - Joanna Teters, MAD SATTA
These workshops [at Zoo Labs] have been really refreshing, because it’s offered us ways of coming at this business in a creative way. - Doug Stuart, BELLS ATLAS