“The residency was really born out of this need to give artists a creative space to do their thing, and, on top of that, give them strategic business and design mentorship to be able to propel their products forward.”
— Vinitha Watson, Founder

Our residency is an immersive live-in 2 week program designed to support music making entrepreneurial teams and arts enablers who are trying to create a new paths forward. It provides each team with time to focus on recording music as well as bringing their creative minds to their business strategies.

It goes a little something like this...

Wake up. Coffee. Breakfast. Business design workshops with leading experts. 8 hours of studio time with stellar engineers and state-of-the-art equipment. Healthy and delicious meals prepared by in-house chef. Rinse & repeat until Release Day.

RELASE DAY: Present strategic plan and newly recorded work, connect with our network, and perform and party with the Zoo Labs & Oakland community.

(Friendly people, great food, and a nice place to stay are part of our package.)


We deconstructed who we are and we rebuilt it with a strategy... It accelerated our career by a whole year.
— Ben Baron, The Boston Boys