Future of Music Workshop with IFTF

On August 21, Zoo Labs teamed up with the Institute for the Future for The Future of Music Workshop, which brought together brilliant minds and diverse perspectives to understand the drivers that are shaping the next ten years of music. At the day-long event, participants explored various mechanisms we can leverage to enable sustainable creative careers.

IFTF brought its 50 years of experience to facilitate a highly interactive and engaging workshop around futures thinking. We all came prepared with signals from the music sector, and imagined how those signals might manifest in the future. From those we drew up a list of practical actions we can take today, and did case studies on some of the artists in attendance to prototype new models for sustainability. Check back here soon for more insights on what we developed!

This summit was presented as part of a 2014 IFTF Futures for Good fellowship–Zoo Labs’ Executive Director Vinitha Watson is currently a Fellow for Good at IFTF.

Not to worry, we didn’t forget about the reason we were all here – MUSIC! To close the day, we welcomed ZLMR alums Halcyonaire (pictured below) and July ZLMR alum Fuze the MC (part of ElectroSpit), who showed us a video collaboration project he’s been working on.  To close the day in Studio A, the Tumbleweed Wanderers performed.