Week 1 Recap of ZLMR with The Boston Boys

Nonstop. That’s been the pace of things around here this past week as The Boston Boys work it both in the recording studio and in business workshops.

After a week of intensive work, the momentum just keeps building as The Boston Boys continue to generate new music and explore innovative models for connecting with their fans and building their brand.

Joined by prolific engineer Damien Page Lewis (whom the band affectionately dubbed ‘D-Rage’), the guys–Eric, Duncan, Josh and Nick–are relentlessly working the recordings to create a contiguous sonic adventure. To track progress, they’ve created a chart for the control room to remind them of what they’ve done and what’s left. After all, they’re half way through this crazy program and don’t intent to leave anything on the table.

Meanwhile, their manager Ben Baron, the fifth member of the band, has become the keeper of The Boston Boys’ strategic plan. The ideas fly after each of the morning workshops as evidenced by lunchtime’s unstoppable chatter. We found Ben late at night in front of intricate whiteboard diagrams capturing the possibilities and revelations. He told us, “The workshops have been phenomenal and really helped us understand how our team really fits together.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled about the feedback for the workshops. We knew the band would love being in the studio, but with the workshops, we knew we were doing something new. As our co-founder Vinitha explained, “The workshops are wild! They’re anywhere from a magical seance, to a rapid prototyping exercise, to nitty-gritty brainstorming around certain topics like understanding your fans and what your business model is, and breaking it down into little pieces. Some are far out there, designed to expand their minds, while others are really about drilling down to the details of their business modeling and how it can be stronger.”

With a successful week 1 under our belt, we’re really looking forward to the second half. Come back for the sequel.

In the meantime, check out the video of The Boston Boys’ first week at ZLMR: Inside Zoo Labs Music Residency with The Boston Boys (Part 1)