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Live Looping with Adam Ahuja

Thursday, Jan. 17 | 6pm | RSVP with password: pinkflamingos

Live music has been turned on its head!

Last century, what was heard on a record was pretty much what you'd expect to see live: musicians playing the instruments from the recording, and singers singing the songs. For the most part, it was a fairly transparent process for musicians and listeners to grasp. Now, with production technology changing by the day, what is done in the studio may involve host of enigmatic technologies: modern effects layers, programmed playing, and machine learning for example. Artists are left wondering how something so nuanced and complex that was done over time in the studio can transform into an authentic stage performance.

Is there a way to faithfully perform this new music, live on stage?

Can we - and should we - salvage a sense of the ‘human musician’ as technologies and AI continue to grow and impact our lives?

One way to approach it...

Looking down at his gear, Adam sets up a platform with a few main instrument pieces that enable all kinds of sounds to be performed. Below is a comprehensive stage keyboard. To the right are mini drum-pads. A microphone stands straight in front. The musician is about to capture everything that’s played live using a multi-track live-looping recorder with effects. The performance will not involve pre-recorded tracks; the music can be created and performed live for the audience using a mix of the electronic instruments, voice, and the looping device.

But this artistic configuration is just one possibility. What's your approach?

In the Neo Live Musician Workshop, we will dive into the space of modern music performance.

Thursday, Jan. 17 | 6pm | RSVP with password: pinkflamingos

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