Zoo Labs Music Residency   #ZLMR

We are your tool to merge creation and business.

ZLMR allows you to focus, test, and validate your creative process and business strategies.   
We take care of the food & lodging so you can explore and build your project.

After completing ZLMR, you'll be able to book our recording studios, or work spaces. You'll continue to connect with other leaders in the tech, art and business space.

We’ve got your back. Now, it's time for you to shine.

zoo labs release day.jpg
“The residency was really born out of this need to give artists a creative space to do their thing, and, on top of that, give them strategic business skills and mentorship to be able to propel their products forward.”
— Vinitha Watson, Founder

 ZLMR is the first step for teams to focus on experimentation and connection.

This is your space to combine creative minds, develop new business strategies, and build community.

It goes a little something like this...

Wake up. Coffee. Breakfast. Business design workshops with leading experts. 8 hours of studio time with stellar engineers and state-of-the-art equipment. Healthy and delicious meals prepared by in-house chef. Rinse & repeat until Release Day.

On the last day of residency we host a Release Day Pitch and Concert. Each team pitches their business model and newly recorded work. Then, each team let's loose to do what they do best: performing. 

The public is invited to attend each ZLMR Release Day Event. 


We deconstructed who we are and we rebuilt it with a strategy... It accelerated our career by a whole year.
— Ben Baron, The Boston Boys