Zoo Labs Music Entrepreneurship Accelerator

A 4-month program for creatives who create businesses that are fueled by art. It is designed to impact entrepreneurial behavior and strategic decision-making skills.

How it works:

THe application:

Teams (of 2 to 5 people) who are creating a business based on or related to music can apply online. Accepted teams will be notified and invited to join an upcoming program cycle.

The kick-off:

It all starts with an intensive 1 week on-site strategy and music making kick-off. The time is split between business workshops, mentorship and recording studio time.

Pitch day:

Kick-off week ends with Teams pitching a strategy to reach a concrete business goal that’s achievable in one 4-month cycle to Zoo Labs. The pitch should include: a business overview, specific goals that can be achieved in 4 to 6 months, how they plan to achieve these goals, what they need to learn, test or find out for this to work, how they will measure success, what needs to be done by each of the months.

Zoo Labs Music Entrpreneurship Accelerator Cycle .jpg

The cycle:

The rest of the 4-month cycle is spent executing that strategy and reaching team goals! It’s important to stay in close contact with Zoo labs as teams execute, learn and adjust.

What’s included:

Each team receives a Grant of the following resources:

  • 80 hours Studio Grant (valued at $8,000)

  • 50 hours of Engineer Grant (valued at $2,500)

  • 12 business workshop (valued at $3,500)

  • 9 one-on-one mentor sessions (valued at $2,420)

  • 10 hours of Personal Coaching (valued at $1,400)

  • 7 days of on-site accommodations and food (valued at $5,680)

  • Total value = $23,500

Teams will learn how to:

  • Set and measure goals

  • Understand their customers

  • Pivot by prototyping ideas

  • Pitch their business

  • Ask for resources

The commitment:

Teams must participate fully in strategically executing their business.

This involves:

  • Testing and analyzing new ideas for their target market

  • Engaging with Zoo Labs on findings and adjustments

  • Consistently checking-in and engaging in dialogue with Zoo Labs

  • Attending the entire on-site kick-off (for cycle 1 only)

  • Participating in Pitch Day and Release Day

Receiving full Grants requires continued progress and participation in the program.

The Re-up:

Alumni can also participate in a new cycle of Zoo Labs Music Entrepreneurship Accelerator by pitching their business to Zoo Labs on Pitch Day. Alumni can re-pitch a wild pivot, the next phase of the same business, a new idea with a new team, or even a new strategy to reach elusive goals.

What’s included in a re-up’d cycle Grant:

  • 80 hours of Studio Grant (valued at $8,000)

  • 3 one-on-one Mentor Sessions (valued at $1,500)

  • 5 hours of Personal Coaching (valued at $560)

  • Total value = $10,060

Alumni teams will not repeat the kick-off portion of the program, but will fully participate in all other aspects.

Release Day:

The finale is a Release Day, a public event to celebrate each team’s development and creativity. Each team will pitch their business and perform or debut their creative product. Bring your people out!

We deconstructed who we are and we rebuilt it with a strategy... It accelerated our career by a whole year.
— Ben Baron, The Boston Boys
“The residency was really born out of this need to give artists a creative space to do their thing, and, on top of that, give them strategic business skills and mentorship to be able to propel their products forward.”
— Vinitha Watson, Founder