“The excitement is palpable and makes you want to connect deeper with your art”
— Andrew Vait, Sisters

The Zoo Labs music residency is an immersive, live-in 2 week program. It starts with a team of two or more applying to our program. Accepted teams attend the residency at Zoo Labs in Oakland, California.

Each day includes mentor sessions, meals prepared by our in-house chef, and time in our world-class recording studios.

Our labs are playground’s designed to break molds and expand vision. We push our artists to take risks, go beyond the expected, and create strategies and music that are authentic to them.

The residency culminates in Release Day, when teams share their new music and present their strategic vision of how to get that music out into the world and above the noise. The day ends with a concert experience from each of the teams.

We push beyond silos to create new thinking. We adapt business to the creative process to build viable products and services that build meaning in individuals lives.

We’re a community of diverse minded individuals who all place art at the center of their lives. 


“Zoo Labs, where the studios, offices and residency living space are located together, is designed to inspire. “
— Ny Liza Veale, Oakland Local