The Story Behind the Gold: w/ XUXA Santamaria

Conquistador - XUXA Santamaria
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Armed with their latin-retro futuristic grooves and a cut throat will to define a new paradigm through art, Sofia & Matt unleashed this song early on from a cage of electronics & programming. Like a Godfrey Reggio time lapse, what were likely weeks of toil on a pair of headphones in an apartment came into existence upon our seemingly grandiose studio in a matter of moments. Beats were flying, synths were triggering and Sofìa erupted onto the track with as much poise but as little effort. It was as if an ancient record had been cued up in their souls and we captured the playback. The verses are short so the chorus, the true narrative, may be drilled in:

“They arrived in January, they arrived in January.
And their coins are crystal
They arrived in January, they arrived in January
And their coins are crystal.”

She speaks of the conquerors, the ones that come and go, era after era, attempting to wrought the same change of ill-effect on their fellow humans, offering false narrative and false hope in the process. This song is a reminder that moments such as these are not coincidence, they are of design. So let us be the greater architects & builder. In the wake of conquerors, let's use this as an opportunity to make stronger what they believe is weak. Nothing can be taken which you don’t allow to be.

Let’s start with music.

Sending positive energy to all of your trajectories,
Zoo Labs