Zoo Labs Digest: The Story Behind the Gold [w/ The Sagas]

Land on Gold - The Sagas

When The Sagas originally showed up to Zoo Labs, they were a completely different band. Different name, different music, different intentions. The deeper they got into the process here, the more in tune they became with how they saw themselves on the other side. Bewildered and on the brink of disenchantment, Land On Gold rumbled out of an acoustic writing session at just the right time. Parry’s perfectly planted lyrics conjured catchy chords from Dustin’s hearty strumming, immediately forming this hook. A couple of microphones and three takes later we had a strong core to build the rest of Land On Gold upon.

This song embodies the mentality that even in the darkest of doubt, there is gold to land on. It is a testament to throwing caution to the wind and giving credit to the value that every moment has in our lives. After all, how can you expect to land on what you want without ever aiming for it?

Sending positive energy to all of your trajectories,
Zoo Labs