Fresh Innovations from Zoo Labs - April 2017

This year has brought tremendous growth to the Zoo Labs ecosystem. We've put 4 new teams through our program, did a popup workshop at the Windish Agency in LA, welcomed many new mentors to our ranks and put into motion new music residency programs and products. Zoo Labs has finally hit its stride and we're excited to start running!

Keep watching this space for more updates, events, workshops, giveaways and much more. These are exciting times to be humans creating in the realm of music, so we hope you'll join us!

In the meantime, please welcome Antique Music, Kid Beyond, Swift Rose & Danceation to the Zoo Labs family. Check out their fresh tracks at the link below:


Sometimes what a new lifestyle movement needs is exactly that; movement! Danceation is the culmination of pop star & choreographer Heath Hunter’s vision, expertise & passion for changing quality of life through music & dance. His program combines fresh emerging dance tracks from producers all over the world with a fun but high intensity workout, accessible in a gym or on your phone. This is the next era of fun-fitness. We hope you jump in!

Antique Music/Edutainment for Equity
What was once a single seed of music planted by Candice & Hodari Davis has grown into a forest of prosperity & rejuvenation; entangled communities of people, knowledge & love rebuilding the root structure that is our future. They have started their own ecosystem, with one branch that reaches out to people through music [Antique Music, Beats Antique, Candice Antique] and another that reaches out to youth and those that support them [Edutainment for Equity]. With a simple, but challenging mission to provide tools & words for social justice & equality, this team is proving that if you want to break new ground, you have to dig in.

Kid Beyond [Red Wolf Black]
Well known to fans worldwide of beatboxing & powerful lyrical hip-hop, Kid Beyond has been a staple cultivator of pathways in music & artistic integrity. Seeking to breathe life & futurism into a new era of blues, KB assembled a wolf pack in order to conjure fresh sounds & strategies. When united with the Brothers McCann & producers SoulSalaam & Nonagon, Kid Beyond becomes Red Wolf Black, a project focused on cathartic & progressive healing. Stay tuned as this movement forms.

Swift Rose
Two of the most gifted rising artists of the violin, Mazz Swift & Alisa Rose, have joined forces to spread a message of unity with their instruments and to shed light on the future of classical & stringed music. What has emerged from their efforts is something universal & touching, opening conversations & possibilities between people. This is the score for this moment in history, the symphony & theme by which to reflect on this time.