I Would


When music speaks loudly, you remember all of the notes; I can remember every time I’ve cried listening to music. Around September of 2014, New York’s experience of soul, love and vibe called Mad Satta spent two weeks living under the Zoo Labs roof. I sealed myself into the studio biosphere with them to make new sounds & stir the creative pot. After a few days in of some hard grooves & sweaty notes, we ended up at a song Joanna [Teters, vocals] had been jamming on with rhythm master of the band Zane [West, drums]. It was called I Would. Initially, it felt like a solid groove played out on an MPC with some lush guitar lines whispering down the hall from Ted [Morcaldi, guitar]. Inspiration was chiming, but still distant. Out of the mélange bubbled Joanna, from hummed melody to crafted syllables - “If I could I would write for only you in mind, speak your truth: your lyrics lift the linen. I would, I could. I would, I could.” The four other guys in the room with me immediately felt the epic melt, swelling from Joanna and filling the room. As we zoomed in for vocal recording, the words became sweeter while at the same time tearing at the strings that held together my composure; it hit the back of my throat like a brick, This song is for someone condemned to a bed with illness, knowing no escape from the suffering. J’s words bled these feelings the speakers and settled them into my core, rather permanently. Although painful, this channel of creation is highly cathartic. This is where making music finds its deepest calling. It’s a language of relation & compassion. Zoo Labs is lucky to be an encampment where artists like Mad Satta feel welcome enough to get down to those dark places and show us where there is light. Wherever we can be a home where artists can express themselves like this and live their greatest ambitions, that is where Zoo Labs wants to be.

[Photo taken during the recording of BREAK ME FREE, available at the link below: https://madsatta.bandcamp.com/]

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