Fresh Innovations from Zoo Labs - April 2017

This year has brought tremendous growth to the Zoo Labs ecosystem. We've put 4 new teams through our program, did a popup workshop at the Windish Agency in LA, welcomed many new mentors to our ranks and put into motion new music residency programs and products. Zoo Labs has finally hit its stride and we're excited to start running!

Keep watching this space for more updates, events, workshops, giveaways and much more. These are exciting times to be humans creating in the realm of music, so we hope you'll join us!

In the meantime, please welcome Antique Music, Kid Beyond, Swift Rose & Danceation to the Zoo Labs family. Check out their fresh tracks at the link below:



Sometimes what a new lifestyle movement needs is exactly that; movement! Danceation is the culmination of pop star & choreographer Heath Hunter’s vision, expertise & passion for changing quality of life through music & dance. His program combines fresh emerging dance tracks from producers all over the world with a fun but high intensity workout, accessible in a gym or on your phone. This is the next era of fun-fitness. We hope you jump in!

Antique Music/Edutainment for Equity
What was once a single seed of music planted by Candice & Hodari Davis has grown into a forest of prosperity & rejuvenation; entangled communities of people, knowledge & love rebuilding the root structure that is our future. They have started their own ecosystem, with one branch that reaches out to people through music [Antique Music, Beats Antique, Candice Antique] and another that reaches out to youth and those that support them [Edutainment for Equity]. With a simple, but challenging mission to provide tools & words for social justice & equality, this team is proving that if you want to break new ground, you have to dig in.

Kid Beyond [Red Wolf Black]
Well known to fans worldwide of beatboxing & powerful lyrical hip-hop, Kid Beyond has been a staple cultivator of pathways in music & artistic integrity. Seeking to breathe life & futurism into a new era of blues, KB assembled a wolf pack in order to conjure fresh sounds & strategies. When united with the Brothers McCann & producers SoulSalaam & Nonagon, Kid Beyond becomes Red Wolf Black, a project focused on cathartic & progressive healing. Stay tuned as this movement forms.

Swift Rose
Two of the most gifted rising artists of the violin, Mazz Swift & Alisa Rose, have joined forces to spread a message of unity with their instruments and to shed light on the future of classical & stringed music. What has emerged from their efforts is something universal & touching, opening conversations & possibilities between people. This is the score for this moment in history, the symphony & theme by which to reflect on this time.

The Story Behind the Gold: w/ XUXA Santamaria

Conquistador - XUXA Santamaria
[click to listen]

Armed with their latin-retro futuristic grooves and a cut throat will to define a new paradigm through art, Sofia & Matt unleashed this song early on from a cage of electronics & programming. Like a Godfrey Reggio time lapse, what were likely weeks of toil on a pair of headphones in an apartment came into existence upon our seemingly grandiose studio in a matter of moments. Beats were flying, synths were triggering and Sofìa erupted onto the track with as much poise but as little effort. It was as if an ancient record had been cued up in their souls and we captured the playback. The verses are short so the chorus, the true narrative, may be drilled in:

“They arrived in January, they arrived in January.
And their coins are crystal
They arrived in January, they arrived in January
And their coins are crystal.”

She speaks of the conquerors, the ones that come and go, era after era, attempting to wrought the same change of ill-effect on their fellow humans, offering false narrative and false hope in the process. This song is a reminder that moments such as these are not coincidence, they are of design. So let us be the greater architects & builder. In the wake of conquerors, let's use this as an opportunity to make stronger what they believe is weak. Nothing can be taken which you don’t allow to be.

Let’s start with music.

Sending positive energy to all of your trajectories,
Zoo Labs


Zoo Labs Digest: The Story Behind the Gold [w/ The Sagas]

Land on Gold - The Sagas

When The Sagas originally showed up to Zoo Labs, they were a completely different band. Different name, different music, different intentions. The deeper they got into the process here, the more in tune they became with how they saw themselves on the other side. Bewildered and on the brink of disenchantment, Land On Gold rumbled out of an acoustic writing session at just the right time. Parry’s perfectly planted lyrics conjured catchy chords from Dustin’s hearty strumming, immediately forming this hook. A couple of microphones and three takes later we had a strong core to build the rest of Land On Gold upon.

This song embodies the mentality that even in the darkest of doubt, there is gold to land on. It is a testament to throwing caution to the wind and giving credit to the value that every moment has in our lives. After all, how can you expect to land on what you want without ever aiming for it?

Sending positive energy to all of your trajectories,
Zoo Labs

I Would


When music speaks loudly, you remember all of the notes; I can remember every time I’ve cried listening to music. Around September of 2014, New York’s experience of soul, love and vibe called Mad Satta spent two weeks living under the Zoo Labs roof. I sealed myself into the studio biosphere with them to make new sounds & stir the creative pot. After a few days in of some hard grooves & sweaty notes, we ended up at a song Joanna [Teters, vocals] had been jamming on with rhythm master of the band Zane [West, drums]. It was called I Would. Initially, it felt like a solid groove played out on an MPC with some lush guitar lines whispering down the hall from Ted [Morcaldi, guitar]. Inspiration was chiming, but still distant. Out of the mélange bubbled Joanna, from hummed melody to crafted syllables - “If I could I would write for only you in mind, speak your truth: your lyrics lift the linen. I would, I could. I would, I could.” The four other guys in the room with me immediately felt the epic melt, swelling from Joanna and filling the room. As we zoomed in for vocal recording, the words became sweeter while at the same time tearing at the strings that held together my composure; it hit the back of my throat like a brick, This song is for someone condemned to a bed with illness, knowing no escape from the suffering. J’s words bled these feelings the speakers and settled them into my core, rather permanently. Although painful, this channel of creation is highly cathartic. This is where making music finds its deepest calling. It’s a language of relation & compassion. Zoo Labs is lucky to be an encampment where artists like Mad Satta feel welcome enough to get down to those dark places and show us where there is light. Wherever we can be a home where artists can express themselves like this and live their greatest ambitions, that is where Zoo Labs wants to be.

[Photo taken during the recording of BREAK ME FREE, available at the link below: https://madsatta.bandcamp.com/]

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