We want to make sure your time in the studio is aligned with your business goals. If it is not, we will work with you to build a scalable business model before you start creating. By filling out the form below, the Zoo Labs team will be able to track our impact and your growth.

A Few General Notes on Booking:

  • All music created at Zoo Labs is subject to a 10% publishing royalty. The entirety of this goes back into the program.

  • You are responsible for providing an approved engineer [studio sessions & events].

  • We can't accommodate last minute bookings. 48+ are needed for approval.

  • Please contact progress@zoolabs.org for any questions. Texting individual Zoo Labs team members regarding bookings is discouraged.

  • If you would like to collaborate with other ZL teams, visit our Alumni Portal to find out their strengths and contact info.

*Important Studio Notes*

  • The main computer in Studio B is currently out of operation. We’ve put our back up “Mac Mini” in there while we work on getting a new computer. You are more then welcome to connect directly to the Symphony with your laptop as well. It is a USB connection. Thank you for understanding!

  • Please be responsible for any guests who are visiting you at Zoo Labs. There isn’t always a staff member to open the door. Please have guests either call/text you when they arrive or let them in by pressing “Key” “Talk” “Key” on the door buzz in console in the Start Up Lab or Studio A. If your guests are arriving from the back parking lot, you can let them know to buzz Studio A directly. Thank you!

  • Replacement keys are $20. If you lose your key, please let a staff member know, as we need to remove it from our system to prevent non alumni from entering the building and gaining access to the studios. Thank you!

Name *
Have you had a check in with a Zoo Labs team member in the last 6 months? *
What studio spaces at Zoo Labs will you need to achieve your goals? *
If you are using a recording studio, which Zoo Labs approved engineer will you be working with? *
When booking the Zoo Labs recording studio spaces, I agree to the below rules: *
- Time booked in studios will include setting up and breaking down equipment and instruments needed for my session. - I will reset the studio at the end of my sessions to be ready for the next artist. - I am responsible for backing up my files. - I will report any broken or damaged gear to a Zoo Labs team member. - I am responsible for the conduct and actions of any guests during my sessions. - I will close all doors and turn off lights at the end of every session.
When booking the Zoo Labs living spaces or co-working spaces, I agree to the below rules: *
- I will reset the space at the end of my booking. - I am responsible for getting clean linens from the laundry room and returning dirty linens to the laundry room at the end of my booking. - I will return temporary keys to a Zoo Labs team member at the end of my booking. - I am responsible for the conduct and actions of any guests during my booking. - I will report any damaged furniture or equipment to a Zoo Labs team member.

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