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THERE Are many ways you can be involved at zoo labs!


  • 1 hour Office Hours per Team

    • This is the 1st touch of being a Mentor at Zoo Labs. We like to use office hours as your chance to test the waters, and for you to see us in action.

    • Office hours is a time for you to listen to what our teams are creating, how they got there, and how their strategy will impact their future. Listen and provide feedback.

    • This is not the time to tell them what to do. This is the time to train their minds to think critically and learn.

    • You may attend in-person or online.

  • Workshop Leader

    • Topics include: Design thinking, Lean startup, Growth hacking, Performance and entertainment, Tech insights, Marketing, Fundraising, Activism/ Social Justice, Education, and Future thinkings.

    • You may attend in-person or online.

  • Alumni Mentorship

    • We continue to work with our artists for 4+ months beyond the initial intensive they attend. In this time, we ask them what they need and provide them with mentors and resources to lead them to their next milestone.

    • We usually ask for 4 hours for the whole year. Splitting your time to 1 hour per alumni team. Most conversations are over the phone or on a video call. If you like each other, hopefully you'll continue to grow and foster your relationship.

  • Studio Support

    • Our artists use the recording studios at Zoo Labs to connect their creative visions to their business goals. Focus is put on designing what they want to make and who it is for before diving into the studio.

    • We're looking for producers, engineers, managers, A&R, product designers & similar music craftspeople with a track record of helping creatives craft better & more connected art faster. Songwriting, vocal & performance coaches are also welcome.

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