Zoo Labs bridges the world of art and business by placing artists at the center of creation and strategy.  We work on breaking down silos and re-imagining entrepreneurship as a creative endeavor.   

We are the first music accelerator in the world, and we equip our artists to be the next generation of creative leaders that are putting the soul back into business. Our job is to help artists break out of the normal modes of thinking and show them creative ways to build their businesses.

Our flagship program is the  Zoo Labs Music Residency which is a 2 week immersive experience combining strategy workshops with the creation of music in our state-of-the-art recording studios.  Teams of artists stay with us during the residency and have the opportunity to live and breathe their art and strategy.  Our labs are playground’s designed to break molds and expand vision.  We push our artists to take risks, go beyond the expected, and create music and strategies that are authentic to them.

We work with teams of two or more, ranging from emerging to iconic artists. Explore our alumni page to learn more, and apply to be a part of our community. 



Zoo Labs rattles the cage to help you think in a different way - Wunder, The Outer Vibe
We’re braver, smarter creators thanks to the Zoo Labs experience. We learned how to listen with sharper ears and are hungrier than ever, but our toolbox is much fuller now. - Mary Bragg
This place is an unbelievable nest of support and creativity and smarts. - Joanna Teters, MAD SATTA
These workshops [at Zoo Labs] have been really refreshing, because it’s offered us ways of coming at this business in a creative way. - Doug Stuart, BELLS ATLAS